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P a g e | 1 Megan Kellen Sociology 406 – Applied Sociology Final Essay – December 14 th , 2007 What is Sociology? I. The Purpose of Sociology Sociology is a practical science that is shaped by the always changing functions of society. It was created for the purpose of studying why the world works differently for different groups of people. As a macro definition, sociology is composed of different economic, moral, and political applications in and views of society. Sociologists are the people who ask how and why and seek to provide answers and explanations. With research, sociologists can better point the way in which the social organization can more effectively adapt itself to the changing conditions of life, resulting in an overall betterment of society. II. Applied Sociological Theories Sociological theories are used to explain and work efficiently in solving social problems. Sociologists also use theory to better understand and apply the mechanics of society that I mentioned earlier. In order to improve theoretical development, sociologists constantly examine, or research, the social world for patterns. While all theories and aspects of sociology are important, there are some that are more valuable to the practice than others. Functionalism is a macro-level theory in which all social institutions are interpreted as structures whose parts are interdependent. This means that when there is a change in one element, it must lead to a change in all other elements to achieve equilibrium. Another significant macro-level theory, conflict theory, was first developed by Karl
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Final Essay - Page |1 Megan Kellen Sociology 406 Applied...

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