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Personal Values, Goals and Career Options OBHRM PGP Elective - 3 Credits 2014- 6 ’th Term Course Instructor Ramya Ranganathan Office: D206 Email: [email protected] Attendance Policy Attendance is Mandatory for week 1 Note: Please refer to the section on Evaluation for further details Add/Drop Policy There is no ‘Add’ Option for this course but the drop option is available after week 1. Pre-Requisites to Register- The student must have read the course outline thoroughly and made sure that he or she is willing to engage on a journey that will be reflective in nature. Further the student must be interested in attending all classes because the course has been designed with a lot of in-class activity.
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Personal Values, Goals and Career Options (Detailed Outline) Introduction Today’s executives are increasingly looking for ways in which they can be more engaged in their work and be energized by what they do. Given that people are spending more time at work, a feeling of disconnect with the job can easily erode one’s overall sense of well being. At the other end of the spectrum, when work becomes a calling or like a sport, then one’s job itself can become the high -point of one’s existence. Work can be a vehicle through which one can find deep satisfaction and purpose in life. A key challenge these days, is not merely finding a job for the sake of livelihood, but engaging with work so it engages and energizes, thereby adding meaning to work and life. In this course we will explore the concept of flow- ‘a condition of heightened focus, productivity, and happiness’ and discuss how it can be applied to the context of work and career. We will also explore what constitutes a personal vision, how it is linked to passion at work, and how this vision can be used to arrive at well defined, achievable, personal and career goals. In order to do this we will examine what holds meaning and gives unique purpose to each individual’s life by exploring personal values, conditions for work engagement and involvement through class exercises and peer discussions. Throughout this course you will be encouraged to think actively about your own career, your mental models related to work, and how you can align your personal values and vision with your career. You will be encouraged to become aware of your own self-concept and craft a working identity that builds on the strengths of your authentic self concept. This is a course of ‘exploring and doing’, as much as ‘learning’ and you gain the most if you are prepared to work (in a self reflective manner) with the exercises to discover and appreciate your personal (and unique) mental models. Course Highlights: This course has aims to enable participants to: Cultivate a conscious understanding of personal values, priorities, and mental models Understand the concept of ‘optimal experience’ or ‘flow’ in the context of work and career Appreciate the nuances involved in setting and navigating career goals
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