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P a g e | 1 Megan Kellen SOC 351 – Social Psychology Summary/Synthesis Paper #5 – October 24 th , 2007 Organization of Social Reality and Interaction Section five in the Spencer E. Cahill textbook focuses on the organization of social interaction. It’s significant because analyzing the organization of interactive patterns is a principal component of sociology because it allows us to understand how individuals construct a social life. The four readings include: Face-Work and Interaction Rituals by Erving Goffman, The Interaction Order of Public Bathrooms by Spencer Cahill, Wheelchair Users’ Inerpersonal Management of Emotions also by Spencer Cahill and Robin Eggleston. Finally, as the last article, Douglas Maynard wrote, The Conversational Co-Construction of Bad Diagnostic News . We heard from Erving Goffman in the last section from the article The Presentation of Self where he explained his view of dramatic taking place in real-life. In this article, Goffman give the “face” or social value a look in social interaction. He explains that individuals find face value so important, they invest themselves emotionally into the maintenance of such. When we make a mistake in our words, or say something stupid, we feel embarrassed. This supports Goffman’s point of view. To avoid this embarrassment, individuals attempt to meet the expectations of another’s view of how they should act. According to Goffman, this works both ways as the other must also treat the individual as that person they attempt to portray. One of the
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P a g e | 2 kinds of face-work described by Goffman is when an individual avoids people or places that may threaten face. When we can’t avoid these situations, it’s called the corrective process. This consists of actions that we expect others to do which follow a familiar pattern. Cahill’s article explains bathrooms as being the backstage to the
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SS Paper 5 - Page | 1 Megan Kellen SOC 351 – Social...

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