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P a g e | 1 Megan Kellen SOC 406 – Applied Sociology Article Review – October 18 th , 2007 Out-of-School Youth Programs: The Minnesotan View Citation: Bales, Susan N. 2005. Making the Case for Youth Programs: the Minnesota Research . The FrameWorks Insititute. Washington, DC. Intro/Researchers: The FrameWorks Institute who conducted this recent study is a nonprofit organization. Their goal is addressing social issues by identifying and translating scholarly research for the understanding of the general public. The organization collaborates with communications scholars and practitioners in order to further public understanding of social problems. The FrameWorks Institute uses a strategic frame analysis approach in its recent projects involving government, race, gender and school reform, leadership development, health care reform, U.S. foreign policy, early child and youth development, children’s oral health, environment, global warming, oceans, and rural issues. For this specific research project, the FrameWorks Insitute collaborated with the Out-of-School Time Partnership, McKnight Foundation, 21 st Century Community Learning Centers Program, Minnesota Department of Education, Federal Child Care Development, Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the University of Minnesota. Purpose of the Study: The FrameWorks Institute conducted this research with the intention of finding out how Minnesotans think about adolescence and out-of-school youth programs. The cutbacks that have recently taken place for after-school programs inspired the organization to ask how citizens saw
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P a g e | 2 these changes and how Minnesotans recognize the educational and developmental needs of our youth. Specifically, the FrameWorks Institute outlined the goals of their research: “1) Explore attitudes to youth in Minnesota in light of earlier research findings, 2) Explore the public’s understanding of youth development and the programs that support it, 3) Discover the public’s level of familiarity with recent program cuts in the state, 4) Test earlier conclusions against
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Article Review - Page |1 Megan Kellen SOC 406 Applied...

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