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P a g e | 1 Megan Kellen SOC 351 – Social Psychology Summary/Synthesis Paper #3 – October 3 rd , 2007 The Socialized Human Emotion The third section of Spencer E. Cahill’s text book contains four readings. Our class is focusing on these three: The Historical Transformation of Grief by Peter Stearns, Managing Emotions in Medical School by Allen Smith and Sherryl Kleinman and finally Mental Illness, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Elusive Self by David Karp. Once this self has taken place, one is able to hold the same conversations of thoughts, emotions and perceptions within themselves as they are with others. One is only able to do this because they have learned to communicate with others. This sections is then about the social construction of subjective experience. This is how the individual is able to define and interpret their experiences socially. The first reading is written by Peter N. Stearns. In The Historical Transformation of American Grief , Stearns analyzes the emotions and how they are expressed, that we are socialized to perform in society. It starts when we’re children, learning through socialization the emotional rules and practices. Although we may be born with a biological emotional spectrum, we are socialized on another level to express emotions. Stearns studies historical evidence of changes in human emotional culture. Victorian ancestors practiced such an intense grief in response to a lost loved one. An emotion that has now become less favorable in Americans and such encouragement of this mourning is now considered morbid. We now shield our children from death and regard deep grief such as public displays of misery, embarrassing. Stearns explains the criticism of this of twentieth-century grief in the 1960’s. A support group tried to
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SS Paper 3 - Page |1 Megan Kellen SOC 351 Social Psychology...

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