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Unformatted text preview: 3 Different Types of Poverty: 1) transitional (4.7% 7-9 yrs)-temporary; includes recently unemployed, returning to school, extended illness and recently widowed. 2) marginal (6.9% 4-6 yrs; 17.1% 1-3 yrs)-“working poor”, employed but unable to make enough to escape poverty. 3) residual (4.9% 10+ yrs)-extended period, dependent on welfare benefits. Never poor-66.4% in the U.S. Beeghley’s Factors that Contribute to Poverty: 1) Poverty creates a vicious cycle that often traps the poor and prevents them from changing their situations. 2) The way the class system reproduces itself over time. 3) The organization of the economy. 4) The continuation of discrimination against AA & women. 4 Requirements of Child Maltreatment: 1) Must be some definable parental behavior of abuse or neglect. 2) Must be some demonstrable harm to a child. 3) Must be a casual link b/t parental neglect....
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