Nutrition Assessment Paper - Megan Kellen Intro to...

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Megan Kellen Intro to Nutrition 140 Nutrition Assessment Paper-11/22/06 I would first like to point out how much I enjoyed this assignment. In recent years, I have become more concerned with my health, in regards to nutrition. I have made a few simple adjustments such as limiting my added sugar (soda) intake and switching to whole grain in every product that I could. But I never knew if I was doing enough for my health. This project is exactly what I was looking for to find the needed improvements, which I plan on making. In analyzing my nutrition weaknesses, I have many. Of course it is difficult to be exact on the recommended amount, but there is always room for improvement to move those numbers a little closer to recommendation. Most nutrients are not going to be where they should be, but my biggest concern is iron and vitamin E. My iron intake is at 27.3 mg when it should be closer to 10 mg. While I don’t know how much iron is too much, I do know that too much iron is toxic. A single dose of iron that is too large can bring major health
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Nutrition Assessment Paper - Megan Kellen Intro to...

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