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P a g e | 1 Megan Kellen SOC 200 – Foundations of Sociology Research Paper #5 – October 25 th , 2007 Socialized Gender The reading analyzed is Gender as Structure by Barbara Risman. The three theories of the structuralized gender include gendered selves in which we attempt to differentiate between biological or social sex differences. This is a long debated issue. Sociobiologists believe that male aggressiveness and female tenderness is naturally decided. Biosociologists argue that women are better nurturers but they are criticized for ethnocentrism of this belief. The second theory of gender as a structure is the idea that social structure creates gendered conduct. Men and women, according to this perspective, are expected to act exactly the same. The actions that we see as men and women behavior, we see simply because of women’s lack of opportunity in a male-dominated world, not because there is factual evidence. Finally, the last aspect of this theory is how gender inequality issues are created during interaction. This is once we are labeled
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RP #5 - Page |1 Megan Kellen SOC 200 Foundations of...

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