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Megan Kellen FCS 140 Analysis Paper 1 Article: “New Study Shows That Being Overweight at Middle Age Can Be Harmful” The new study conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in collaboration with AARP, shows that being overweight at the age of 50 can be harmful. Until this study, it was already known that being obese at middle-age was harmful, now we know that just being overweight can also have negative effects. The NCI’s study recruited 500,000 people with the approximate age of 50 years old. Previous studies, as the article states, have not been accurate because the age limits were not secure enough. Michael F. Leitzmann, M.D., NCI, senior author of the study, says that the age limit was kept around 50 because at a later age, such as 65, cancer and other chronic diseases could be present, possibly resulting in a weight loss and a non-accurate study participant. Another misleading factor in the earlier studies was smoking, which can lead to weight loss or if they have recently quit, a weight gain. In NCI’s study, 186,000 men and women were enrolled who have never smoked. Participants were also divided by other differencing factors such as race or ethnic group, level of education, physical activity, and alcohol intake. The excess body weight on those middle-aged participants was found to “increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, pulmonary disease, and diabetes. Furthermore, a recent study suggested that increased body weight is related to an elevated risk of mortality from cancer. (NCI)”
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Analysis Paper 1 - Megan Kellen FCS 140 Analysis Paper 1...

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