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Megan Kellen Sociology 100 TTh 11 am Dr. Stallings – Northern State University October 20 th , 2005 Socialization Agents and Personality Development Agents of socialization are the people, groups, or institutions that teach us what we need to know in order to participate in society. We are exposed to many agents of socialization throughout our lifetime while, in turn, we have an influence on those socializing agents and organizations. My development into childhood and who I am today are a result of the four most pervasive agents—the family, the school, peer groups, and the mass media. The family is the most important agent in socialization because infants and young children are completely dependent upon the family. Until I started school, my family was all I knew. My parents were very young when I was born and when they were married right after I came along. I have heard from stories and can tell from pictures that even though my parents worked a lot and had limited wealth, there were very loving and happy. I was their first child and I happened to be a baby girl so naturally, I was quite spoiled. To my father’s parents I was also the first grandchild and on my mother’s side, the first girl after nine grandsons. With that comes constant attention which I received everywhere I went. My father’s side was conservative and successful. My mother’s side was disoriented and had always struggled. Both were raised as active Catholics, as was I. The influence that my family carried on my socialization was the most important aspect of my personality. My parents taught me that I was to behave as I should in society with manners and dignity. Because of their effects, I now see myself as strong, smart and not a day goes by that I do not feel loved. They are the reason that today, I have the faith in myself to pursue anything that I wish—my parents are my biggest fans.
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When I turned old enough to attend school, my mother decided that she would rather have me at home with her than send me to pre-school. So the typical pre-school
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Sociology Paper - Megan Kellen Sociology 100 TTh 11 am Dr...

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