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| 1 Megan Kellen SOC 442 – Criminology December 5 th , 2007 – Written Assignment Deviant or Criminal Offense Survey Comparisons Students at Minnesota State University, along with some from Washington State University and Central Michigan University, took a survey of criminal offenses they have committed. The survey was given to students by Pedro Thomas, instructor of Sociology and Criminology. A total of 748 students have taken the survey while the majority, 594, have been taken here at MSU. There were a few numbers on the deviant activities survey that I found interesting or surprising. First, the comparisons between males and females. Here at Minnesota State University, out of 594 students, 4 have been accused of attempted murder. The surprising part is that three of them were female while only one was male meaning that only a quarter of attempted murders at MSU were charged to a male. Males, at 89%, generally have a higher rate of being homicide offenders (Miethe and McCorkle). These statistics of the MSU survey are only those of criminal accusations. Whether or not they were actually committed or charged was not part of the survey so we do not know the whole story by looking at these numbers. Maybe the females who were found guilty of attempted murder were wrongly accused or included some sort of misunderstanding. Although, this number is probably due to the fact that of the 594 students who took the survey, 405 were female and 189 were male. In a closer gender comparison, premarital intercourse is widespread among college students. At MSU, 359/405 females and 170/189 males have committed premarital relations. This means that 46 females and 19 males who took the survey have not had sex. This can also
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Written Assignment - Page |1 Megan Kellen SOC 442...

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