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Mr. Lee Data Structures and File Organizations February 6, 2007 Daniel Shute Assignment 2 P. 26 RQ (1-7, 10, 11, 13, 14) EX (1, 4) P. 48 RQ (2, 3, 5-12) EX (1, 2, 4) Page 26 Review Questions 1. A data type is a set of data, which usually has a name and is defined by a set of permissible values, also called the domain, and a set of operations that can be done to one or more values of the data type. 2. To define a data type, you need a set of permissible values, and a set of operations. 3. The domain of a data type is the set of its permissible values, or otherwise known as the values for the specific type. 4. A constant is the representation of the values 5. A variable is a value that does not have a set value, but changes over time, depending on the situation. 6. Scalar data types are data types that consist of only one value.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Scalar data types are not data structures, because data structures must relate at least two values. 10. 11. An overloaded symbol is when you use the same symbol to emphasize similarity. 13. Typecasting is when one data type is changed into another data type. 14. Page 26 Exercises 1. sefsdf 2. asdsad 3. dsafsafg Page 48 Review Questions 1. Data Aggregates are groups of values. 2. Both arrays and records are considered to be collections of variables, but arrays are usually similar things, where records arent necessarily, and in an array, position matters where it doesnt in a record. 5. The values of an array are called elements, and the values of a record are called fields. 6. The value that locates a value in an array is called a pointer. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12....
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Data Structures Stuff - 7. Scalar data types are not data...

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