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1st Test Study Sheet - economy Role of Elites in...

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I. Freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion II. Right to bear arms III. Quartering of troops in peacetime and in war IV. Right against unreasonable searches and seizures V. Cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process VI. Jury trial, right to confront and to counsel—criminal prosecution VII. Jury trial—civil law suits VIII. No excessive bail or fines, no cruel and unusual punishment IX. Non-enumerated rights X. Rights reserved to states and people Political Socialization: The learning and teaching of political knowledge, beliefs, and values. Ideology: Complex set of beliefs, rationales, rationalizations through which we interpret the world and justify our actions Public Opinion: Those opinions that governments find it prudent to heed. Political Economy Human activity and social, political, and governmental institutions that are interwoven with the
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Unformatted text preview: economy. Role of Elites in Responsiveness of Government Participation: Activities by private citizens aimed at influencing the selection of government personnel and/or their actions. Interest Group: Organized body of individuals who share some political goals and try to influence public policy Types of Interest Groups: Business, Trade, and Agriculture Associations Professional Associations Labor Racial and Ethnic Groups Ideological and Single-Issue Groups Public Interest Groups Environmental Open Government Community What Public Opinion Is, What it Isn’t not what 250 million Americans think not poll results Related to, and flows from, political socialization, political culture, ideology...
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1st Test Study Sheet - economy Role of Elites in...

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