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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Prof. C. S. Wilcox - University of Pittsburgh Dear Students, Here is some advice to help you master organic chemistry. 1) Use the Unit Guides. Look at each statement in the guide and try to identify the discussion(s) in the book that deals with that topic. When you find a relevant section of the book, do the exercises related to that section. 2) Use your notes - I try to talk about every topic that appears on the guides, and I try to give examples of the ideas in practice. 3) Do the homework that I suggest - these are a good test of your mastery of the material. 4) I am happy to meet with you either at office hours or at any other time from 8-4 that we are both free. We can look over your exam(s) or your efforts on the homework and I may be able to see areas most worth extra study on your part. Don't be too discouraged, organic chemistry is a challenge but you can master it. For many parts of this course it is important to know the principles or generalizations and to understand
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