Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers Lecture...

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Sharing or distribution of lecture notes, or sharing of your subscription, is be prosecuted. Our non-profit, student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. ILLEGAL and will These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course CLASS ANNOUNCEMENTS For all future reference, work is always going to be submitted and returned at the end of the hour. LECTURE Social Control First off, one of your classmates sent me an interesting e-mail. It was on the topic of social control, from The New York Times . It’s what they’re doing now in Thailand to police officers who violate law regulations, take bribes, etc. There’s a Hello Kitty armband that the officer has to wear for a certain time if he engages in inappropriate activities. What’s it saying about police work and gender? How wise is it to try to achieve social control by attacking the insecure masculinity of men? Seems to me that that’s the kind of thing that would make somebody a mad dog. Another US method of social control has been implemented down in Phoenix, Arizona. The sheriff decided that some of the swaggering criminals in their systems need to be brought down. After they strip the criminals and hand them their prison clothes, they give them pink underpants. It’s a turn of the humiliation screw. GSIs and Readers I don’t know—this is social control. What else is going on? Daniel had spoken to me about scheduling some office hours of this week for people to check in with him about the progress of their sociobiographies which are going to be due next Wednesday, the tenth. Stay tuned—you’ll be e-mailed the time and place. In this regard, I need to underscore the distinction between a reader and a GSI. They have one big job in common: evaluate your work and give you a grade. The problem is, the reader is paid a tiny fraction of what a GSI is paid and they don’t have much time. They’re paid to grade items of student work. We allocate the readers work stingily and carefully—you can’t go talk to a reader about an assignment that’s coming up. You can only talk to a reader about an assignment that has been graded and returned to you: quizzes or big papers. That’s why you come to me or Daniel, so we could pick up that slack. We have to respect the very little time that is compensated for the readers. The departments save GSIs for people who are taking Sociology for prospective majors (Sociology 1), so they don’t want to invest a lot of scarce teaching money for a course for people who aren’t going to make a commitment to the field. Understand the limits of your readers—talk to me or Daniel. Paper Guidelines
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Lecture 16 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers Lecture...

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