Lecture 33 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/09/07...

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SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/09/07 Lecture 32 Sharing or distribution of lecture notes, or sharing of your subscription, is ILLEGAL and will be prosecuted. Our non-profit, student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course LECTURE You noticed that I sent announcements about a few postings that are very important for your work on your paper which is due on the 19 th . Writing guidelines for paper two is what I distributed. This account of what we are looking for in paper two supersedes everything. I replaced the paper two packet at bspace with an insertion of this current version. It is essentially the same thing but some features have been clarified such as we are looking for you to do intergroup comparisons. I want to project the document for a second and highlight a couple of tips and tools that are in this document for you to work with. I divided the phases of the task up into three. The handout is organized in that way. The first thing you need to do is organize your plan of attack; organize your approach where you set for yourself the terms of your task. The terms of the task is to talk about intergroup differences like race and quintile and what they mean. So planning your attack means to identify the relevant tables and the relevant cells within your tables that you think have a good reason to be related to disparities in the attainments of young people in their educational fortunes. You pick your tables and then you ask two questions, what social forces or features of social structure are related to the disparities that you found in the profiles and attainments of the quintiles or races. So that is one phase of your task. The second phase is to think about just how the disparities that you have nailed down logically contribute or affect the odds of the offspring in the quintiles or races you have information on. What to work with? Whenever anybody does research they state what they are going to work with and what their materials are. You have a lot of materials and your task is to link them up in an organized and coherent way. One set of data is your census tables in of themselves. As a general rule you start with your empirical phenomenon and how they clarify or enlighten your thinking on your topic of interest. We also have much more to go with. We know a lot about Hotel America, how it is structured, what social factors are involved and how it has shifted over time moving from the different epochs (agrarian, industrial, post industrial) and at each stage of the development, life gets scrambled, shaken up and then settles down into new patterns. The new patterns are ones of class, family, race and you need to say this paper is asking me to look at attainment in relation to a historical shift that we are in the middle of. How is the shift of tectonic plates
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Lecture 33 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/09/07...

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