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Lecture Notes, Wk 2 - Week 2 pg. 1 Literary Design 1) The...

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Week 2 – pg. Literary Design 1) The Script a) Original Adaptations. b) Types of Scripts i) The Writer’s Script – includes: (1) Character (2) Action (3) Dialogue (4) Setting ii) Shooting / Technical / Director’s Script iii) Text / Film Text – What audiences see and hear on screen. iv) The Published Script – In book form that comes from the transcriptions of actual movies. **The Writer’s Script is the blueprint for the other 3 types of scripts. c) The Authorship Dilemma – the author of literary work is known, but the credited Writer is NOT the “author of a movie”. i) Example – 3 or 4 writers adapted newer versions of Strangers on a Train , but book author, Patricia Highsmith is the source . ii) Culture goes into text and comes out in film to appeal to a given culture, so culture itself is a writer. iii) Strong directors get credit as the movie’s author/writer because it’s their vision. iv) When a movie is previewed, the audience ’s reactions contribute to and thus help write a movie too. **The writer’s clap and status depends on previous films’ financial success. **Director and producer are in charge of keeping the final adaptation pure and like the source. **Most writers are from NYC = center of the world. (Los Angeles is center of Image). ** My Stepmother is an Alien
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Lecture Notes, Wk 2 - Week 2 pg. 1 Literary Design 1) The...

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