Lecture 42

Lecture 42 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/30/07...

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SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/30/07 Lecture 42 Sharing or distribution of lecture notes, or sharing of your subscription, is ILLEGAL and will be prosecuted. Our non-profit, student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course LECTURE Good morning. I would like to get started. There is no complex media today so we have a little more certainty. Just a couple of quick things: this article was on the front page of yesterday’s New York Times. The United States, if you haven’t noticed, is going through a record immigration boom. The past seven years were the highest seven year period for immigration compared to any other seven year period. 1 in 8 people living in the United States is an immigrant. It is a very powerful factor. It is interesting that immigration tends to be focused initially on gateway areas, including California. We are kind of used to the idea that not everybody is from white American central casting. It takes a while for immigrants to move from the gateway areas to parts of the heartland. When we realize that there is this great unease about immigration in the land, it may have a lot to do with people’s relative lack of experience with people who have been born abroad and what they bring positively to the kind of society we live in and what the burdens of it often are. There is also a tendency for any society to be wary of the unknown – the newcomers, what are they up to? Are they going to fit in? Do they understand our way of life? Do they know what issues this society has been struggling with for the past few years? What is their picture of us? At the same time ,you may know that there was a big republican presidential debate on Wednesday night. Torture and immigration were the hottest issues. Giuliani accused Romney of employing illegal immigrants at his home. Anybody who has studied the urban economy in New York City has said, you know the economy was sort of a basket case and what pulled New York out of the ditch, apart from Wall Street, was all of the small businesses, hard work and willingness, maybe exploited like the folks in La Ciudad, that brought New York back on its feet. Anyway, the political rhetoric will fly but we know that there is always sociology to question some of these assumptions and the logic of the debate. Well I have started to work on something that you should find interesting coming down the home stretch. I have not quite finished it but it is sort of a powerpoint of how to order your review. This is letter of recommendation time so I have been swamped; med school, grad school, law school. We know there are five themes that this course has addressed: order, power, difference, inequality and change. Order is about social individuals and how society is constructed. Power is about the
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Lecture 42 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 11/30/07...

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