Lecture 46 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 12/10/07...

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SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 12/10/07 Lecture 45 Sharing or distribution of lecture notes, or sharing of your subscription, is ILLEGAL and will be prosecuted. Our non-profit, student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course LECTURE We will be having a review class on Wednesday at 12:00 until 1:30PM . It will be in 110 Barrows Hall. I want you to come with your notes, essay drafts and we are going to do it in a kind of small group discussion format. I will make a couple of large points but it will be in a workshop way. We can pause for general questions and so forth as well. I want to spend a couple minutes on the exam. I need you to think about this exam the way you think about word problems in math. Word problems are different from just having some equations to solve. Word problems means you have to read the problem to figure out what the relevant equation that you would have to plug the values into might be. That is what this exam actually is. It gives you two word problems about the social world and then it says, solve them to the degree we can by shedding light on how these problems have come into being and how sociology as a discipline has shed some light on them. You have some leeway because there is not only one single correct answer. Sociology clues us in about what is going on in the real world and looks one way, but if you dwell and reflect on data and research, the nature of the problem is transformed and instead of being all about color or sex or human fate, you can see the puzzle in our society has something to do with human causes. There are not always bad or good people causes, but systemic causes. That is what our discipline is about: developing tools and research based knowledge that we can then apply. When we study one thing in sociology, we study it because we think by studying it we will find a principle of how the social world works that will enlarge our knowledge and that we can apply to other scenarios. Sociology is a field that asks big questions: inequality, power, difference, change, social order and things like that. As we have seen, these phenomena are human made and many times they are the consequences of actions that they made in one direction. But then there were ripple effects that become reality unless some people on the other side of the stuck barrier say, but wait I am a human too. Contemporary societies are both works in progress;
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Lecture 46 - SOCIOLOGY 3AC Professor Brian Powers 12/10/07...

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