Tsl213 - ~ B = μ 4 π Z Id~ s × ˆ r r 2(Law of Biot and Savart dB r ds θ I r ^ tsl213 – p.1/1

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Law of Biot and Savart Current element: Id~ s = dq~v [1Am = 1Cm/s] Magnetic field of current element: dB = μ 0 4 π dqv sin θ r 2 = μ 0 4 π Ids sin θ r 2 Vector relation: d ~ B = μ 0 4 π Id~ s × ˆ r r 2 Magnetic field generated by current of arbitrary shape:
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Unformatted text preview: ~ B = μ 4 π Z Id~ s × ˆ r r 2 (Law of Biot and Savart) dB r ds θ I r ^ tsl213 – p.1/1...
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