80. Equipotential Surfaces and Field Lines

80. Equipotential Surfaces and Field Lines - ~ E ( ~ r )...

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Equipotential Surfaces and Field Lines Definition: V ( ~ r ) = const on equipotential surface. Potential energy U ( ~ r ) = const for point charge q on equipotential surface. The surface of a conductor at equilibrium is an equipotential surface. Electric field vectors ~ E ( ~ r ) (tangents to field lines) are perpendicular to equipotential surface. Electrostatic force ~ F = q ~ E ( ~ r ) does zero work on point charge q moving on equipotential surface. The electric field
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Unformatted text preview: ~ E ( ~ r ) exerts a force on a positive (negative) point charge q in the direction of steepest potential drop (rise). • When a positive (negative) point charge q moves from a region of high potential to a region of low potential, the electric field does positive (negative) work on it. In the process, the potential energy decreases (increases). tsl80 – p.1/1...
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