92. Electric Potential of a Charged Plain Sheet

92. Electric Potential of a Charged Plain Sheet -...

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Electric Potential of a Charged Plane Sheet Consider an infinite plane sheet perpendicular to the x -axis at x = 0 . The sheet is uniformly charged with charge per unit area σ . Electric field (magnitude): E = 2 πk | σ | = | σ | 2 ² 0 Direction: away from (toward) the sheet if σ > 0 ( σ < 0) . Electric field (
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Unformatted text preview: x-component): E x = ± 2 πkσ . • Electric potential: V =-Z x E x dx = ∓ 2 πkσx . • Here we have used x = 0 as the reference coordinate. E x V x x E x V x x positively charged sheet negatively charged sheet tsl92 – p.1/1...
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