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Electric Field of Charged Semicircle Consider a uniformly charged thin rod bent into a semicircle of radius R . Find the electric field generated at the origin of the coordinate system. Charge per unit length: λ = Q/πR Charge on slice: dq = λRdθ (assumed positive) Electric field generated by slice: dE = k | dq | R 2 = k | λ | R directed radially (inward for
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Unformatted text preview: > ) Components of d v E : dE x = dE cos , dE y =-dE sin Electric field from all slices added up: E x = k R Z cos d = k R [sin ] = 0 E y =-k R Z sin d = k R [cos ] =-2 k R R y Rd x 15/1/2008 [tsl329 1/1]...
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