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Unformatted text preview: Damped Electromagnetic Oscillator (RLC Circuit) Q dQ dI + = 0, I = dt C dt 1 d2 Q R dQ + Q=0 equation of motion: + dt2 L dt LC loop rule: RI + L Solution for initial conditions Q(0) = Qmax , I(0) = 0: (a) underdamped motion: R2 < 4L C with = r R2 1 - LC 4L2 Q(t) = Qmax e -Rt/2L R cos( t) + sin( t) 2L 4L C (b) overdamped motion: R2 > Q(t) = Qmax e -Rt/2L R cosh( t) + sinh( t) 2L with = r R2 1 - 4L2 LC tsl300 p.1/1 ...
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