37. Electric Field of Charged Rubber Band

37. Electric Field of Charged Rubber Band - x 2 = 2 m from...

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Electric Field of Charged Rubber Band The electric field at position x along the line of a charged rubber band is E = kQ x ( x + L ) The value of E at x 1 = 1 m is E 1 = 16 N/C. ++++++++++ ++ x = 2m 2 = 1m 1 E = 16N/C 1 Q L = 2m x 1 (a) What is the electric field E 2 at a distance
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Unformatted text preview: x 2 = 2 m from the edge of the band? (b) To what length L 2 must the band be stretched (toward the left) such that it generates the field E 2 = 8 N/C at x 1 = 1 m? tsl37 p.1/1...
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