39. Electric Flux- Definition

39. Electric Flux- Definition - i : ~ E i . • Electric...

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Electric Flux: Definition Consider a surface S of arbitrary shape in the presence of an electric field ~ E . Prescription for the calculation of the electric flux through S : Divide S into small tiles of area Δ A i . Introduce vector Δ ~ A i = ˆ n i Δ A i perpendicular to tile. If S is open choose consistently one of two possible directions for Δ ~ A i . If S is closed choose Δ ~ A i to be directed outward. Electric field at position of tile
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Unformatted text preview: i : ~ E i . • Electric flux through tile i : ΔΦ ( E ) i = ~ E i · Δ ~ A i = E i Δ A i cos θ i . • Electric flux through S : Φ E = P i ~ E i · Δ ~ A i . • Limit of infinitesimal tiles: Φ E = R ~ E · d ~ A . • Electric flux is a scalar. • The SI unit of electric flux is Nm 2 /C. tsl39 – p.1/1...
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