tsl287 - E =-d Φ B dt = E max sin( ωt ) with amplitude E...

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Alternating Current Generator Coil of N turns and cross-sectional area A rotating with angular frequency ω in uniform magnetic field ~ B . Angle between area vector and magnetic field vector: θ = ωt . Flux through coil: Φ B = N BA cos( ωt ) . Induced EMF:
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Unformatted text preview: E =-d Φ B dt = E max sin( ωt ) with amplitude E max = N BAω . • U.S. household outlet values: ◦ E max = 120V √ 2 ’ 170V ◦ f = 60Hz , ω = 2 πf ’ 377rad / s . tsl287 – p.1/1...
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