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Resistance and Resistivity Resistor : device (material object with two terminals) Resistance : attribute of device Resistivity : attribute of conducting material A voltage V provided by some source is applied to the terminals of a resistor and a current I is observed flowing through the resistor. Resistance: R = V I [1 Ω =1V/A] (1 Ohm)
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Unformatted text preview: The current density ~ J in a resistor depends on the local electric field ~ E and on the resistivity ρ of the resistor material. • Resistivity: ρ = E J » 1V / m 1A / m 2 = 1Ωm – • Conductivity: σ = 1 ρ [1(Ωm)-1 ] • Vector relations: ~ E = ρ ~ J, ~ J = σ ~ E tsl134 – p.1/1...
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