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PHY204: Elementary Physics II Welcome to the lecture sections 1 and 2. Instructors: Gerhard Muller, 320D East Hall; Albert Steyerl, 317A East Hall. Syllabus is posted online. Check for online updates. Course webpage: http://www.phys.uri.edu/courses/ Make sure you are registered (separately) for lecture, lab, and recitation. Lecture slides are available online. Come to class regularly and be on time. Earn extra credit by answering quiz question. Bring your textbook and your calculator. Exams: 3 unit exams (in class) and final exam. Closed book, calculator needed,
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Unformatted text preview: one sheet of notes permitted. No review sessions. • Homework: Online submission via WebAssign due on Thursdays, in general. No due date extensions. First set due on Monday, 28 January. • PHY274 Laboratory: Lab schedule on syllabus. Purchase lab notebook and lab manual. First lab on 28-30 January. • PHY274 Recitation: Every Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Bring textbook and calculator. First recitation on 30 and 31 January. asl1 – p.1/10...
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