22. Vector Field and Electric Field Lines

22. Vector Field and Electric Field Lines - negative...

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Vector Field and Electric Field Lines The electric field is a vector field: v E ( v r ) = v E ( x, y, z ) = E x ( x, y, z ) ˆ i + E y ( x, y, z ) ˆ j + E z ( x, y, z ) ˆ k Electric field lines: graphical representation of vector field. Properties of electric field lines (electrostatics): Electric field lines begin at positive charges or at infinity. Electric field lines end at
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Unformatted text preview: negative charges or at infinity. ◦ The direction of v E is tangential to the field line going through the field point. ◦ Electric field lines bunched together indicate a strong field. ◦ Electric field lines far apart indicate a weak field. ◦ Field lines do not intersect. 9/1/2008 [tsl22 – 1/1]...
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