What Must and Can Must and Can Mean

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1:l.r ft,r!lns.r rli-r:ilcsi,,lr, see rny 'P~ec~lppo~.itir;il ''q 1Iiu.1. ,III,I 1111. .?nti Rr:llist 'Itirolv 11i ;* 1r:p11irip,', 1 111iycrsity (I[ l<nt~s:lq <:IIII~CICIIC~ (111 l'i~ .~q~l~,~<i!it~~i, ,"qvil 1077, to appcilr. I I 111 11~11 Is'!: ('n11ll11itlu.c LJllivclsity Press plrldi,.l~. .ii !ir.\r~/~lt,~\ili(*rt rind the llelinlitnlion 111 III:I~ OIII nr~::ttivc seritcnccs arr ar111,ignous :rnd :icn.< I%?.; I~II* II~:~~III(~ox \,ir\v that the sentrni.i.5 :ire r~~\rr-spcc~ific. She is not sufiicicntly critical of tire. :iirt~~iryiv\~ lqrrrntl'r of 1)ierwisch's systrr~i of crntnriti~~ rclrrcsrntntioris ant1 fails to tlisti~iyl~i~:l~ 't.~ft.r~ci~~rr?l' fl~)rii 'intclisionnl' iritr~ 1.1.rtnti1~1is of the English 'or' by her choice of logir.:ll rli~.j~~llctiorr for llirrsc representation<, hilt lwr i\~rrk yrrovi<lcs s~llrl>(wt for the sugpcstitrlrs 1 I1:lr ( III;II~I. !rt:rt- :lllcI clrrlstitutes an atlvai~cc ill $11- ~~ii~l~~r~t:~ritlir~g of ~rrcsuplio~iti~~n. An adlili~:\l>It. tlir:~~r;sii~n of Kc~iil~sori's ant1 my views its '.I cll as 1-f crllicr rclcv:~~it topics lnay IIC found (ic~ ;~l(l ~;:ii~l;\r. 'I;or~~laI P~.agmatics for Natur:ll 1 .n~~)~u:igc Irr~plicature. Y~es~lpl)osition and Logic;rl I oilrt', I )is. . I Inivrrsity of Reading (U.K.). 1970. 111r. 116-1 19; 151-157. 1:1>r ;I <lisc~~%sior~ of conspqrleliccs for crlrrer~t litiotlizli~. I I.E~OI(.~ III~ arid related view<. src ( ;corgr I .:~koli. 'I .in~l~istic (;estalts'. Proce~lfirr~s (I/ Ihl. ( '%rir(r~~~ I.irrgrtic.ti<: Society 11 (1077 ), in ~ircss. 1:vr a ptiilosopllicnl clefrnse of thc All:?.: K~.n,p~rrrr 'I'llrsiq :~r~cl :I tliscussion of it.; I.pnrir~y 011 thc clioirr bctvvern trrtdr and ~*c.rifirrr~;~vr ;IY li:j.;i~. ci1111,epts in the theory 14 I-I!~II~~J~!?, wt* ii~y 'On l~rc~~i~l)l)t~si~~j:', hfit~d fi7 i lit 1:) ), ill 111 f.~;~,. ~~IFI'RAc''~'. In this paper T oflcr :?!I :I,.f.frllnl of llrr nlr~nliitlv of 'rtrr~,' I{I~I 'I:;III' .:! : Ir:~n~ework of possible worlrls seniaritir.~. 111. . ~>:I~II.I t.c~ll. .iqls I\V B [,:!I :Ilc his1 ;rt !.). 11-lativeconcept of modality rlnderlyin)! 1not1;rl 1v11rtls likc .IIIII~.I' :III 1 'I.:':. ,:I IIA~II~~~ l.11,~~~ , pivr preliminary definitions of the nir;~riillg III ~lrrs~ wortl~ wllil 11 :IIC i ,~n~~l:~trtl ill I ,!. l~yical consequence a1111 co~~ipatil~ility. ~cs~~~~c~i\cl~. l'hc YIYIIIII~ II:I~I 1t~~c5 OIV 1 >: insufliciency in the meaning definitions ~ivrl~ in t11r first rlnrf. wl,irll :.. -1. frqtrtl tht- , . , quc~tllihct' paradox of logical conserlurncr: It1 s(r(ivzi~r (:~.;!ri,in, r or -' 1 t t ' no st of the consequences of this parntl,ru f.1~ tlrl. rr!t:.>rlill~: tI,,firliti ~11,: , i ,,,~r~:~' :,r~rI $. -1, Most utterances of words, phrrt~cs, v.11tc11ccs do incall u) o~%thing in I t conversations and situations. It i\ the, lxlc of sc-rnanti1.s. 11 1 ~#-<.CJ il,r ;\!I I featurcs of the meaning of uttt I,III~ c, 01 lili\:l~n\tlc. l'\ltr~ ~~III, vt11r invariable in whatever contcxt clli.ct rxprc.\$io~~. r~i:~.~ \,I JY\ Tliic * :~lrlc elemelit we may call the III~~C~III~~~: I)IO[I(*I :I 1111 l%,ti( cxli~~ 'I'l~is is of course a simplification \t*l~rch rlep,l(.r.f\ 1)1.111~ Illirir,. 1$111 siriiplification which will help 11. 10 ~ti~lr~crac.l~ ('tit ~~~o!~lc~~ 1 ~l~all 11 v following to keep very closc to ill(' 1i1':1\ I II;I~ I- (~rc'l~r~~t I for a wnl 1 , clescription of linguistic eul~rc.xiorll. 13\11 I ~I!I qu~c ' 11 1 sliall i difiirulties everywhere. And IICI c. I\ 111c first one Nol)c~iy ., oriltl cl;~iri~ 11' I \c'l~~ilntic description of the ~vo~dc 'oiu\t' anti 'c.:ltr' \Ilri~>' I 11': 10 ( 1;
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What Must and Can Must and Can Mean - 1:l.r ft,r!lns.r...

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