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Circuit_Theory_Homework_Assignment__2 - Circuit...

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Circuit Theory (ECE/ENGR-2100) SS-2005 Homework #2 Question #1 Determine the value of the voltage v x , for this circuit. Question #2 Find G eq, the value of I 2, and the power delivered by the source in this circuit Scrambled Answers: (Without units):20, 7.5, 133.4 Question #3 Find the value of R in for each of the circuits Question #4 For each of the following circuits, find the value of R that makes R eq = 1000Ω Answer: (a) 800Ω
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Question #5 In this circuit, find the power in watts absorbed by the load R L . Question #6 For this circuit, write a one node equation in the voltage V x , and solve. Question #7 In this circuit, I s1 = 4 mA, V s2 = 20 V, R 1 = 2.5 kΩ, R 2 = R 3 = R 4 = 10 kΩ, and R 5 = 5 kΩ. Find the node voltages V A and V B and also the voltage V x . Compute the power absorbed by R 4 . It is suggested that you write your equations in matrix form and solve using the formula for a 2 x 2 inverse Ω similar to the following example Question #8 In this circuit, V S1 =240V,
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Circuit_Theory_Homework_Assignment__2 - Circuit...

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