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Circuit_Theory_Homework_Assignment__3 - Circuit...

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Circuit Theory (ECE/ENGR-2100) SS-2005 Homework #3MONDAY,28 - -TUESDAY,29 -HW Due -WEDNESDAY,29 - -THURSDAY,30 - -FRIDAY,1 Question #1 (Superposition) For this circuit, v a (t)=12V and i b (t) = 60mA. Find V out (t) using superposition Answer: 16V Question #2 (Superposition) In this circuit, suppose R L =5Ω. Find the value of V L by superposition Answer: 7V Question #3 (Superposition) In this circuit, find V out by superposition. What is the power absorbed by the 90 Ω resistor? Answer: 45V, 22.5W Question #4 (Superposition) For this circuit, find the contribution to V out from each independent source and then
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compute V out by the principle of superposition. Finally, find the power absorbed by the 900-Ω resistor. Answers: 38V, 1.6W Question #5 (Source Transformations) Use a series of source transformations to simplify this circuit into one consisting of a single voltage source in series with a single resistance Answer: 6 V source in series with 12 Ω resistor Question #6 (Source Transformations) For this circuit, use source transformations to find the voltage across the 9.6k-Ω
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Circuit_Theory_Homework_Assignment__3 - Circuit...

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