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About the first exam next week: The exam will cover all sections of the text book up to and including section 4.4, up to page 117, i.e., the Normal distribution, together with associated problems. Please bring a calculator with you to the exam. There will be a summary lecture on Monday for the MWF class on Tuesday for the TR classes. An example exam will be posted on WebCT on Monday morning. The university reserves the right to alter mark allocations if deemed necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: Students may prepare a “letter” size (11” x 8.5”) sheet of notes/formulae to bring into the exam for reference purposes. This will help you prepare for the exam, serve as a reference during the exam and serve as a summary for revision for the final exam. These reference notes should be neatly written in ink with your name and student number clearly on the top of the page. Scrappy or untidy notes may be confiscated. Pencil notes will not be allowed....
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