ARLT 100 Chinese Imagination - Midterm 2 Study Guide

ARLT 100 Chinese Imagination - Midterm 2 Study Guide -...

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Human Justice In traditional China, the local prefect or magistrate played a crucial role in the life of the ordinary citizens It was his duty to pass judgment in the event of a civil dispute The judge is usually cast as a defender of truth and administrator of justice he is expected to do more than just simply solve lawsuits. Occasionally, a judge may err a judgment because of impatience, lack of experience or prejudice Everything is ruled up to one person the judge No restriction on how to get a confession: may use violence and torture Lion Cub Lane - Main Characters Young scholar: Yuan Wen-cheng Wife: beautiful Imperial Brother Ts’ao – the evil guy, fall in love with Yuan’s wife’s beauty - The Imperial Brother Ts’ao was caught by Yuan’s wife’s beauty wanted to have her for his own enjoyment killed her son and her husband so they will not be around to prevent him from taking the wife - Mrs. Yuan (the wife) was greatly in grief and the Imperial Brother assumed that she would not follow his wishes - When Lord Pao returned to his court from a trip, a gust of wind (supernatural) arose in front of his horse and twisted around him a signal of appeal from the wondering spirits ( a sign of injustice) Biography about Pao Cheng: a judge known for his justice in the Song Dynasty Became a prefect of the capital district Reputation grew and grew eventually becomes supernatural Was not moved by personal favor, did not take bribe, relation did not matter to him at all even though a lot of people believed that to take bribe is part of the Chinese culture - The ghost of scholar Yuan had came to Judge Pao to speak about the imperial brother’s injustice to his family the supernatural aspect of the story implies that justice can not be brought to light without the help of heaven
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ARLT 100 Chinese Imagination - Midterm 2 Study Guide -...

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