Posc-130g - -Need 12 jurors and a few alternates-Each side...

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Pre-Trial Proceedings July 14 2006- Complaint Filed Nov. 11, 2006- Parties decide to go to a mediator; mediation date is scheduled for March 2, 2007 Among other things 1. Ardmore says “oh yeah.” Tell Choi that they did nothing wrong 2. Choi demands a jury trial 3. Ardmore formally addresses the complaint Feb. 28, 2007- Mediation is canceled by the parties July 11, 2007- Trial In between February and July: -Conferences between the parties and the judge -Choi amends the complaint; Ardmore had to re-respond -Both parties submit their own: list of witnesses, exhibits, proposed jury instructions, and response to proposed jury instructions. Tying this into Adversarial Legalism The process is dominated by formal procedure (complaints, document filings, etc) It takes a long time to get things done (as opposed to Bureaucratic Legalism) Bargaining in the shadow of the law (attempted mediation) Now the case goes to trial (choosing jurors)
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Unformatted text preview: -Need 12 jurors and a few alternates-Each side wants jurors that they feel will give them the best chances of winning the case.-Each side has a set number of peremptory challenges. Note: Watch Runaway Jury if you feel so inclined. Good movie. Examples of Jury Selection Lawyers (dismissed 3 lawyers consistently) Chemist (dismissed because of a personal endowment) Life Coach (dismissed because he held personal beliefs) Astrologer (dismissed because he believed in stars) Trial: What happened? A fire broke out in July 2005. To escape the fire, Choi jumped off a second story balcony Why did she sue? In addition to property damage, she sustained spinal injuries, believed to have been caused by the fall To find who was responsible for starting the fire, we must ask the experts. Look to the witnesses. Choi Choi’s neighbor Choi’s younger son and older son (none of these knew how the fire started)...
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Posc-130g - -Need 12 jurors and a few alternates-Each side...

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