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Week Two VideoPlus The following comes from http://www.newscientist.com : ‘‘The VideoPlus system works quite simply by using a reversible algorithm, something well known to most computer programmers. These types of algorithms are found in diverse applications, ranging from credit card machines through to data compression and encryption. The VideoPlus algorithm itself is a closely guarded secret, but it’s probably only a little more complicated than the example described below. I just wish I’d had the marketing nous to think of it first. A simple example of such an algorithm would work along the following lines. Imagine you wish to record a programme that starts at 9.50 pm on 3 November. VideoPlus probably uses a cyclic date system, rather than the standard way of representing dates. If, for example, there are 50 days in a VideoPlus "month", then it would be possible to use VideoPlus up to 50 days in advance of a programme. So, 3 November might be converted to, say, day 45. You
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