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Real Property Practice Questions - Real Property Practice...

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Real Property Practice Questions: ( 1.8 minutes per question) Barbri 1-2 FL BARBRI QUESTIONS Basil leases a single-family houses to Adam by written lease for the term of 6 months. At the end of the term, Adam remains on the property and continues to make monthly payments of rent Basil. Basil accepts the continued payments for 4 months and then rents property to Nelson. Basil informs Adam that he must vacate the premises in 2 weeks. Adam refuses to leave. Initially, it was a fixed term (beg & ending date for 6 month term). Once L accepted rent, the tenancy changed to a periodic tenancy (def: tenancy that is renewed on successive terms – TOY combined w/tenancy at will on monthly basis b/c that’s how rent was paid). PT requires T or L give 15 days notice. If Adam holds over after notice-15 day period, he would then become a holdover T. Which of the following statements concerning Adam’s refusal to vacate premises and Basil’s rights to remove him is not true? Holdover Tenancy a. Basil must file an action for possession. b. Adam is liable for treble damages in the form of 3 months. c. Basil is not entitled to change the locks on the home or remove Adam’s possession while Adam is away (Discourage self-help) d. Basil is entitled to a summary procedure for eviction. B – Adam would be liable for only double rent while holding over after expiration of the lease. The other choices are correct concerning the statements of law. When Nelson rented Basil’s house, he signed lease containing a provision stating he would be responsible for all necessary repairs. Two months later, Nelson noticed that the home’s windows didn’t open. If Nelson demands that Basil repair the windows, which of the following is true? Involves warranty of habitability a. Basil must repair the windows b/c provision was invalid and unenforceable. b.
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Real Property Practice Questions - Real Property Practice...

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