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math reflection 2

math reflection 2 - great way for students to be prepared...

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Caitlin Martin September 19, 2007 Structures of Math Dr. Rodano Reflection #2 It has been said that mathematics is the study of patterns. How would you explain this point of view to the parents of children in your classroom? Provide examples to support your position. Patterns are used in everyday math. Sometimes people don’t even realize it. Patterns are a way of solving a problem and it is a very helpful strategy. Through patterns, a student is able to simplify a problem that is more complicated than they would normally like to see. By using this reduced pattern, students are able to see and understand the problem more clearly. Patterns are used to solve sequences. Recognizing a pattern before somebody actually attempts it is the prime component is solving a problem. The Fibonacci sequence, for example, is one way that recognizing sequences help determine the solution. Learning patterns at an early stage in elementary school is a
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Unformatted text preview: great way for students to be prepared in their middle or high school math classes. It builds a solid foundation for more complicated work later on when dealing with algebraic equations. There are a few examples of how math is the study of patterns. The Fibonacci sequence, for instance, shows that a person needs to figure out the sequence before moving on the next number and continuing that sequence. Additionally, when students get to their later years in math, he/she learns that Geometry is the study of shapes. Shapes also go hand in hand with patterns. Algebra is the manipulation of unknown quantities in equations, whereas Trigonometry shows the relationships between graphs and equations. All of these areas of math involve patterns. When a child is moving up the ladder in school, he/she will be introduced to these different subject areas. Having a firm, solid grasp of patterns will help in each of these areas....
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math reflection 2 - great way for students to be prepared...

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