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Module 1-1.Discussion Site Performance Analytics (3)

Module 1-1.Discussion Site Performance Analytics (3) - If...

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If you have a website, you have activities that you want your users to and/or metrics that you want to improve. With Content Experiments, you can test which version of a landing page results in the greatest improvement in conversions or metric value. You can test up to 10 variations of a landing page. It is easy to get wrapped up in the idea of page views, but according to web expert Jennifer Kyrnin, they’re the easiest to conceptualize, but they don’t actually increase your bottom line. They may give a big picture idea of how “popular” your site is, but they don’t tell you whether it is actually helping you or not. Similarly, the term “hits”, which is also a very commonly used metric, is sometimes incorrectly applied to the concept of page views. Hits actually refers to any request for a file from a web server, which could include image downloads for viewing, css, javascript and any other component of your website. Hit is the most granular piece of data in an analytics tool. It’s how most analytics tools
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