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math reflection 1 - Caitlin Martin September 12, 2007...

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Caitlin Martin September 12, 2007 Structures of Math Dr. Rodano Reflection #1 Years ago, teachers in mathematics classrooms would encourage students not to draw pictures because it simply “did not prove anything”. However, over the past few years, this has changed drastically. Teachers now encourage their students to draw pictures and sketches to help them solve problems. We in America have a come a long way in mathematics, and methods of approach are constantly changing. I believe that this has a lot to do with the fact that students are different learners and have different ways of learning and comprehending material. Standardized testing was becoming more of a norm in public schools and teachers had to adjust to the different methods. These tests were now requiring more writing and showing of work, rather than just multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions made it a lot easier for students to guess on a problem and move on to the next. This never proved that a student had mastered that area. Today with standardized testing,
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course MATH 201 taught by Professor Rodano during the Fall '07 term at Rowan.

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math reflection 1 - Caitlin Martin September 12, 2007...

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