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CHAPTER 3 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES LEARNING OBJECTIVES Evaluate future job opportunities in the tourism field. Learn about the careers available. Discover which might match your interests and abilities Know about the additional sources of information on careers. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Employment forecasts Generally, the greater amount of education required, the greater the opportunities will be. The service industries are destined to grow from 23 percent of all jobs to 27 percent. WTTC estimates employment in tourism is expected to increase to 260 million jobs by 2011. 2. Career possibilities Main fields of employment are in transportation, accommodations, food service, travel arranging, shopping and tourist activities. 3. Job requirements Liking to work with people by being genuinely interested in doing things for them and being helpful are basic requirements. Good health, stamina, and ability to work under pressure are needed. 4. Career paths in tourism There are a variety of routes to take depending on what career level is being sought. Most well paying jobs require formal education, either in vocational, technical, or at the college or university level. Figures 3.1 and 3.2 outline such paths and describe positions. KEY CONCEPT DEFINITIONS AIRLINES: Major travel industry employers – from entry jobs, flight crews, to skilled technical, service, and managerial positions. Also could include jobs at airports and employment by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as control tower staff and other air transport-related positions. ACCOMMODATIONS:
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