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CHAPTER 5 PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION LEARNING OBJECTIVES Comprehend the importance of transportation in tourism. Understand the airline industry and its role in travel. Examine the domination of the automobile in travel. Learn about the role of rail and motorcoach travel. Study the cruise industry. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Introduction For many millenniums people have been traveling – from on foot to riding in a supersonic aircraft. Air travel dominates long distance and middle distance travel and autos short trips and most domestic journeys. Rail is more limited in the U.S. but is growing in Europe and will increase with the “Chunnel.” Motorcoaches reach the most communities in the U.S. Cruises are the fastest growing mode but still attract just a small percentage of the population. The expected growth of world tourism will increase demands on transportation giving rise to such present and future problems as: congestion, safety and security, environment, and seasonality. 2. The airline industry Has grown from infant to giant in 50 years. World airlines now carry over 1.4 billion passengers per year. U.S. airlines carry about 1.6 million passengers each day on over 24,600 flights and employ more than 679,967 people. These airlines experienced heavy financial losses (more than $12.8 billion) in recent years, then achieved record profits. In 2000 the airlines recorded modest profits of $2.6 billion and in 2001 multi billion dollar losses because of the economy and September 11 attacks. Their trade association is the Air Transport Association of America. 3. The rail industry In the U.S. Amtrak is the organization carrying passengers. In Canada future passenger rail travel depends on VIA Rail. In Europe and in Asia particularly, rail is much more popular with high speed trains providing excellent service, and in the future will probably be even more competitive with air travel.
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4. The motorcoach industry Well suited to trips of 150 miles or less each way. Bus companies have upgraded their equipment with comfortable seats, picture windows, and restrooms. There are many bus companies but Greyhound is the only company with a national network in the U.S. This mode provides more ridership to and from rural and small towns than air or rail. Greyhound now has a passenger reservation system so that individual seats can be reserved. Most of the small companies are charter and tour bus companies. The American Bus Association and the United Bus Owners of
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