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CHAPTER 10 CULTURAL AND INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FOR LIFE’S ENRICHMENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES Recognize that travel experiences are the best way to learn about other cultures. Identify the cultural factors in tourism. Appreciate the rewards of participation in life-seeing tourism. Become aware of the most effective promotional measures involving an area’s cultural resources. Realize the importance of cultural attractions to any area promoting itself as a tourist destination. Evaluate the contributions that international tourism can make toward world peace. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Importance of cultural Great need in the world today for improved international cooperation in and international tourism social, political and economic matters. Travel is an unexcelled means by which people learn ways of other cultures. 2. Life-seeing tourism Purposeful activity designed to improve understanding and meet special interest needs. 3. Developmental and Both visitors and locals must be kept in mind. Examples are signage and promotional measures labels in at least two languages. Recommend hiring consultants to improve educational and cultural content of resource. A theme orientation is a good practice. Cultural tourism is an excellent focus for off-season development and promotion. 4. Anthropography Differences in culture are among the strongest travel motivations. Thus, a travel counselor must be very familiar with the varieties of mankind, their distribution, and ways in which such cultures would appeal to a particular prospective traveler. 5. Types of destinations – Understanding cultural tourism can be advanced by learning the different travel experiences kinds of travel experiences provided at various destinations. Valene L. Smith identified six categories of such
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