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CHAPTER 12 TOURISM COMPONENTS AND SUPPLY LEARNING OBJECTIVES Know the four major supply components that any tourist area must possess. Become familiar with the newer forms of accommodations – condominium apartments and timesharing arrangements. Be able to use the mathematical formula to calculate the number of guest rooms needed for the estimated future demand. Develop the ability to perform a task analysis in order to match supply components with anticipated demand. Discover methods of adjusting supply components in accordance with fluctuating demand levels. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Components Natural resources, built environment, operating sectors, hospitality/ cultural resources. Planners evaluate all of these and typically one or more will be deficient, requiring good planning and management, sometimes development. 2. Natural resources Desirable qualities and quantities are established for various uses. Advantages of multiple use, importance of location, examples of superb and outstanding natural resources. Importance of maintenance of these qualities. 3. Built environment Includes the infrastructure and superstructure. The vital surface and underground installations of facilities. Good planning essential for long-term development and use. Location, design, and quality of construction critical to success. Local architectural designs and use of indigenous building materials creates most appealing structure to
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