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CHAPTER 16 TOURISM PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND SOCIAL CONSIDERATION LEARNING OBJECTIVES Relate tourism planning to tourism policy. Discover what the goals of tourism development should be. Recognize that some serious barriers to tourism development must be overcome if a desired growth is to occur. Learn the political and economic aspects of development including those related to developing countries. Appreciate the importance of architectural design and concern for heritage preservation, local handicrafts, and use of indigenous materials in creating tourist facilities. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Tourism planning Tourism policy formulation and tourism planning are directly related to and policy one another. 2. Why tourism planning is Needed to clearly indicate advantages and disadvantages of necessary development. Planning: within established policy, international in concept, interdisciplinary in creation. Guidance: by principles of human welfare and happiness over long pull. 3. The planning process 1. Define the system--broad concepts. 2. Formulate the objectives. 3. Gather the needed data. 4. Analyze and interpret data. 5. Do preliminary planning. 6. Get plan approved or modified. 7. Complete final plan. 8. Implement the plan. 4.
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