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CHAPTER 19 TOURISM MARKETING LEARNING OBJECTIVES Become familiar with the marketing mix and be able to formulate the best mix for a particular travel product. Appreciate the importance of the relationship between the marketing concept and product planning-development. Understand the vital relationship between pricing and marketing. Know about distribution systems and how this marketing principle can best be applied to a variety of travel products. Be able to do market segmentation in order to best plan a marketing program for the business you are the most interested in. Understand the principles of branding and examine their applicability to destination branding. CHAPTER OUTLINE Outline Summary Points of Emphasis 1. Nature and scope of Defined as business activities that direct the flow of goods and services marketing from the producer to the consumer or user. A broad concept that includes more than selling and advertising. 2. Marketing concept Is same as consumer orientation meaning that the market must be studied to find out what the consumer wants. Then produce a travel product that satisfies this market and that can be sold at a profit. To do all this requires the formulation of a strategic marketing plan. 3. The marketing mix The mix combines a number of elements into a workable whole – the strategic plan. But the mix must be the right one for each market sought. Mix combines: timing, branding, packaging, pricing, channels of distribution, product, image, advertising, selling, and public relations. 4. Product planning and Product planning must be approached from the consumer’s point of development view. Must consider the product life cycle which includes introduction, growth, maturity, saturation, and decline. 5. Place (distribution) What channels of distribution will be most effective? Answered by:
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