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Max 132 Miraglia Section 04/03/08 “Tradition or History- What started the Clash between the West and Islam” When something is done that you are not accustomed to you are more likely to judge instead of looking into why things are done a certain way. The same hold true when examining civilizations and their cultures. It is very easy to judge one based on the differences that they may have compared to your own culture. Western and Islamic cultures are examples of two cultures that have a different belief system and are very critical of one another. The relationship between these two cultures is one filled with conflict and cooperation. Much of the conflict that occurs between the two civilizations is a result of a lack of understanding and acceptance of these belief systems, as well as past political conflicts. When looking abstractly at the relationship between Islam and Western cultures in the 21 st century, it is clear to see how cultural differences contribute to the unsteadiness of the relationship between the two cultures, but also how it can easily be mended. Samuel Hunting’s argument resounds strongly when examining the issue of what is causing the tension between the West and Islam. In the article, The Clash of Civilizations? His main argument discusses how it a result of cultural differences that creates the discord between the West and Islam. To create his argument, Huntington first discusses the differences between civilizations in general. He says, “Differences between civilizations are not only real, they are basic…The people of different civilizations have different views on God and man, the individual and the group, the citizen and the state, the parent and the children, husband and wife, as well as differing
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views of the relative importance of rights and responsibilities, liberty and authority, equality and hierarchy” (Huntington 1993: 25). This statement is basically saying that in different civilizations, it is the viewpoint people have on specific issues of daily life that shape their culture and their ideologies. This is important because people in different cultures have a hard time understanding why certain cultures take a certain stand on issues and therefore instead of accepting their differences, they are criticized and
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max 132 essay 3 - Max 132 Miraglia Section 04/03/08...

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