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Module 1-1.Discussion Site Performance Analytics (14)

Module 1-1.Discussion Site Performance Analytics (14) -...

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Website traffic, according to Forbes (2014), is essentially a “vanity metric”. Traffic refers to the visitors of the site, while conversion refers to turning the visitor into a paying customer. If I go to a website for even 5 seconds and do not purchase anything or leave immediately it is still considered a “hit” for that site. Some examples of conversion processes could be a visitor purchasing a product, signing up for a free trial, joining an email list or subscription or sharing your company information across social media. Below are some definitions of traffic and conversion measurement types with a personal example below: Conversion: A visitor completing a target action and/or interacting with the website Impression: The amount of times an advertisement has been shown Page View: The number of times the page is viewed Visit/Session: An interaction by an individual with a website consisting of one or more requests for units of content
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  • Summer '16
  • Jacob Goldstein
  • Discussion , Unique Visitor, conversion measurement types, inferred individual people, Single page view, Web Analytics Definitions

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