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max 132 free trade - Sarah Miraglia Section"Free Trade...

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Sarah Miraglia Section 02/15/08 “Free Trade: Ideas, Organizations and Outcomes” When you look at the label inside the shirt you are wearing, you may see the country reads something other than the United States. It could be anywhere from England all the way to Cambodia. The reason this is possible is because of free trade. Free trade is known as trade within or outside countries that is unrestricted by the government. People have many different viewpoints regarding this issue and it is an important one within the economic global community. Free trade in theory a very good idea, and despite government agencies to keep it in check, it still needs reform in terms of treatment of female workers. When examining free trade, there are many different viewpoints about the issue. Some people will argue that government restrictions need to be put into place and that free trade is harming the economy. However, as argued by Martin Wolfe, “A competitive economy is necessary for a market economy” (Wolfe 2003: 48). By having less restrictions set forth by the government we are promoting democracy and the will of the people within the global community. Wolfe personally argues that ”A planned economy…will go hand in hand with tyranny…government that controls the economy will inevitably also control the civic life of a nation” (Wolfe 2003: 48). By having an economy like this, not only is the economy and who, what, and how of trading controlled by the government, they are also controlling your rights as human beings. There are positives that go along with free trade. Some of these things include “Lower tariff barriers, improved telecommunications, cheaper air transport reduce disadvantages of producing in disadvantaged countries” (Krugman 1997:3). By having
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these advantages, you are able to boost the economy of a nation that is currently underdeveloped by giving them jobs and opportunities to trade with global powers. In Krugman’s article he also points out, “While fat-cat capitalists might benefit from globalization, the biggest beneficiaries are…third world workers” (Krugman 1997: 2). They have more access to materials and therefore are able to produce clothing such as
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max 132 free trade - Sarah Miraglia Section"Free Trade...

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